Our roots were planted in 1970, when the Capital Funds Foundation was created with $65,000 in assets by a group of community- and civic-minded citizens. 

Initially, this investment was overseen by the United Way. Over time, it evolved to include support from multiple local agencies, and the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette was established. Our roots may be humble—in the 1970s we distributed an average of around $30,000 per year in current dollars—but our work has grown over the years to have a monumental impact. By 1983, we had $1 million assets under management. Today, that number exceeds $80 million. 

Credit for our growth belongs to the generosity of Greater Lafayette citizens, who have embraced our mission to inspire and practice philanthropy for the good of our community. Last year, we dispersed nearly $2 million in grants. And we expect to see that number grow exponentially in the years to come. Indeed, great things are on the horizon. For example, we recently launched the Legacy Society Initiative, which has encouraged a great many individuals and families to include the Foundation in their estate plan. 

If our history has proven just one thing, it’s that philanthropy unquestionably makes communities stronger. And we are dedicated to doing just that for Greater Lafayette today, tomorrow, and in perpetuity.