Creating a fund can seem daunting at first. But we make the process painless with expert guidance and unflagging support. Along the way, we remain laser-focused on ensuring your gift makes the desired impact.

How to start a fund in five easy steps:


Schedule a consultation. We’ll learn about your philanthropic goals and advise on which type of fund will best serve your needs.


Consult with your advisor. Our team strongly encourages new fundholders to include their financial advisor, CPA, or tax attorney to help determine how best to support their fund.


Leave the legwork to us. Our expert team will handle the paperwork and other administrative duties required to get your fund ready for launch.


Make it official. Use the asset or assets of your choice–cash, securities, retirement funds, real estate, etc.—to launch your fund with a tax-deductible contribution.


Celebrate. Launching a fund is a momentous occasion. It marks the launch of a powerful vehicle for generational impact, and it warrants celebration!

Want to take the first step to a life-changing legacy?

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