Our team has a long history of working with wealth managers, financial advisors, attorneys, and accountants to create philanthropic strategies tailored to their clients needs. 

Why should you work with us? For one, we have more than 50 years of experience investing in Greater Lafayette. Here are five additional reasons:

We follow your lead.
You want to maximize your clients’ financial and tax benefits. We’ll help you do it while advising on the tools, vehicles, and opportunities that are best suited for their charitable goals.

We facilitate conversations.
Research shows that people want to talk about charitable giving. We can help start the conversation, and offer valuable support in helping you craft a giving strategy for your clients.

We foster strong client relationships.
Your clients already appreciate your financial expertise. By introducing our philanthropic know-how to the mix, they’ll be even more appreciative of your commitment to serving them.

We are highly collaborative.
We work in such a way that you’re able to continue to manage your clients’ charitable assets while our staff provides grantmaking support, administrative help, and supplemental consultation.

You plug into our network.
Working with our team gives you the chance to connect with a diverse community of citizens, civic leaders, entrepreneurs, and others who care deeply about Greater Lafayette.

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