We have a great deal of respect and appreciation for the professional advisors who work alongside us to achieve their clients’ goals. For that reason, we established The Gold Key Society to recognize the value of their contributions.

As members of The Gold Key Society, these advisors have played a critical role in helping local philanthropists make a difference in Greater Lafayette. In partnering with us to fulfill their clients’ charitable dreams, they have also helped them build lasting legacies. 

  • Richard L. Bartholomew
  • Stuart Boehning
  • Morgan Bonifazi
  • Jeff B. Brown
  • Scott Busch
  • Bill Cardwell
  • Brenda Clapper
  • Gabriel N. Eberhardt
  • Tracey F. Eberhardt
  • Jennifer Fehrenbach Taylor
  • William P. Gettings
  • Andy Gutwein
  • Tressa Heath
  • Abigayle M. Hensley
  • Adam Henson
  • Sue Holder Price
  • Diane Imel
  • Tyler Isgrigg
  • Brittany E. Jones
  • Jim Keene
  • Robert S. Laszynski
  • Young Lee
  • Mark Lillianfeld
  • David W. Luhman
  • James T. MacDonald
  • Bri Madren
  • Brian Martin
  • John K. McBride
  • David McGaughey
  • Ryan McLaughlin
  • Jeffery A. Milligan
  • Chase Newsom
  • Karissa Mooney
  • James F. Olds
  • Thomas B. Parent
  • Thomas W. Reed
  • Jennifer C. Russell
  • Luke A. Rutan
  • Matthew A. Salsbery
  • Christopher D. Shelmon
  • Greg Smith
  • Patti Truitt
  • Gloria Weesner
  • Matthew Wright

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