If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re considering taking the first step in an exciting philanthropy journey. We couldn’t be more excited to serve as your guide. 

Let’s get started by learning about the funds available to you, and the benefits of each.

Discretionary Funds
Unrestricted in nature, discretionary funds empower our experienced staff and board to identify and support our community’s most pressing needs and challenges.

Designated Funds
Designated funds allow you to choose a nonprofit to support with a permanent source of funding. We’ll handle administrative details so the organization can focus on its mission.

Field-of-Interest Funds
If you wish to support a specific interest (arts, education, health, children, or the environment) a field-of-interest fund is the perfect vehicle to make your desired impact.

Donor-Advised Funds
These empower you to advise on grants to causes you care about. You establish the fund with a tax-deductible gift, and then recommend how the funds should be distributed.

Scholarship Funds
Scholarship funds allow donors to help young learners pursue their dreams, and are therefore quite popular. You can choose the name, eligibility criteria, and award amount.

Agency Funds
Agency funds are specifically for nonprofits. They empower organizations to establish a permanent source of income, whether it’s an endowment or a reserve fund.

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