We are proud to honor individuals who have been memorialized with a contribution to a permanent endowment fund.

When an individual is memorialized or honored, the person or family is advised of the gift and their name is added to all of our tribute lists.

If you would like to give a memorialized gift that lasts forever, you can do so here. When donating, indicate your memorial/honorarium by clicking “Endowment Fund.”




Jane Early Boswell
Greater Lafayette Clay Guild Barry Priest and
Rebecca Morrison

Ken Harling
Jayne Feathers

Joan Hughes
Larry and Marianne Rose
Westminster Village

Bruce Junius
Larry and Marianne Rose

Jack Kelley
Leta Kelley

Irma Dolores Loft
Miriam K. Epple-Heath

Jerome and Shirley McTague
Bill and Mary Kay McDaniel

Betty Suddarth
Kelly Julow
Larry and Marianne Rose
Kathy Senft
Helen Hunt Smith
Linda Sorensen
Westminster Village

Katie Traynor
Nancy Casey
Carol Du Clos and
Megan Brown
Dru Hay
Mike and Margaret
Kelly Stein

Lafayette Hearing Center
Gifts in memory of these individuals
Sue Barrett
Vonda Cheesman
Tensie Crouse
Jim Davis
Pearl Davis
Marilyn High
Sue Humphrey-Oakley
Paul Levans
Margaret Mihalko
JoAnn Mullen
Elizabeth Mylet
Marilyn Ringer
Bob Santini
Virgil Shultz
Maycel Vaughn
Philo Wasburn
Florence Weingram


Stan Mithoefer
Kathy Cowans

Dick and Betty Nelson
Sandy Monroe

Linda Rohrman
Jennie Jones

Tom and Mary Jo Sparrow
Frederick Sparrow

Eileen Steele
Richard and Betty Nelson

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