We are proud to honor individuals who have been memorialized with a contribution to a permanent endowment fund.

When an individual is memorialized or honored, the person or family is advised of the gift and their name is added to all of our tribute lists.

If you would like to give a memorialized gift that lasts forever, you can do so here. When donating, indicate your memorial/honorarium by clicking “Endowment Fund.”




Jane Early Boswell
Christine Barden
Paul and Mary Benner
David and Karen Benson
Robert and Carol Bloom
Stuart Bollock
Jeff Boswell
Harry Brown
Karen Countryman
Crimson Tate, LLC
Tim Dickson
Kathy Eason
Andrew and Tracy Fristoe
Bruce Hall
JacKlink Productions
Sandra Kashmer
Jimmie Moore
Ronald and Adele Needham
Allysha Nordyke
Katherine Patrick
Linda Phillips
Diane Pigg
Jacki Sharrer
Roberta and Nadine Stoike
David and Thea Strand
Margaret Vogel
Michael Vogel

Jim and Mary Beth Buescher
Sarah Buescher

Billie Busse
Larry and Marianne Rose

Nicole Ahl Durbin
Joseph and Judith Dufficy

Russell Mumford
Sue Ulrich

Betty Rowe
Joan Banning
Zina Breschinsky
Denise Hannon
Thomas Hulland
Kelley Kimm
David Kroeger
David and Sue Lasater
Peter Mitchell
Christopher and Tricia
Paul Nice
Thomas and Virginia Pearson
Mark Reed
Larry and Marianne Rose
John Rowe
Susan Rowe
Kim Sarsfield
Donald Scheiber and Roberta Schonemann
Jodi Schwind
Cindy Shriner
Meddie and Candy Silver
Lisa VanDeLaarschot
Eric and Caroline Yandell

Katie Traynor RN
Abigail Arnold
Peggy Carroll
Michael and Jodi Miller
Gary and Cindy Traynor

Mary Twiddy
John and Lynn Van Etten

Eleanor Walters
Joseph and Adele Bennett
Neal and Molly Biggs
James and Ella Carter
Marc and Beth Ditto
Roland and Janis Ditto
Gary Erskine
David and Sue Lasater
Robert and Cheryl Laszynski
Bob and Teresa McCullouch
Angel and Joyce Moreno
Larry and Marianne Rose
Kurt and Julie Schleck
Catherine Sexson
Meddie and Candy Silver
Susan Smith
Christina Summers
Tracey Tompkins
North Central Health Services

Lafayette Hearing Center
Gifts in memory of these individuals
Roy Brown
Todd Clark
Bob N. Davis
Tammy Edwards
Howard Hensley
Elaine McMindes
Lorene Miller
Joan Robinson
Robert Schneider
Virginia Simison
Herb Stevens
Dee Thayer


John Slaven
Larry and Marianne Rose

Arlan Stavnheim
James and Marylin Howland Ross

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